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I went to The Simpsons Movie this weekend. I have to say, I was impressed. When I first heard about the movie, I thought they were, as Fonzie once did, jumping the shark. The movie ultimately felt like a long episode, which is the perfect format for a show -> movie. I felt like there was much more subtle humor tied into the show than I’ve typically noticed. Granted, I haven’t been watching the latest episodes, but as a long time Simpsons fan, I can always appreciate the writing style. Of course, many scenes were Simpson-ized parodies of other popular movies, or at minimum, shared likenesses to many recognizable sequences. Overall, I went into the movie with no expectations or hype, and was very pleased at the end.

I recommend every Simpsons fan see it.

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  1. raj Says:

    I totally agree about the movie – and thank you for writing about something that I understood. ;)

    Yes, it’s Daniel and Stacy, and yes they’re still in Omaha.

  2. Jon Says:

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