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This weekend, Stef and I took the dog for a walk, and browsed a garage sale.  I found a mini-bike frame and a belt sander.  Total cost: $35.  I looked on eBay prior to making the purchase, and found that most frames were in the $15-30 range, but cost another $50-60 in shipping charges.  So, I picked it up.  After chatting with the neighbors (we’re new to the neighborhood, they’ve been there for 30 years.), I wheeled my new purchase home.  It comes semi-complete with wheels, shocks, a seat, and a rudimentary braking system, consisting of a pedal attached via a metal rod, that when pushed, applies a rubber pad to the rear wheel, providing friction, thus stopping.  Works great.  If I can find a cheap motor on eBay or craigslist, this thing could be running come next spring.  Granted, it’ll need some primer and a fresh coat of paint.

Soon, I’ll be zipping around at 20-25MPH.  Though, I hope I don’t get nailed by a car like this poor guy did.

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