I built a DVR using KnoppMyth not too long ago, using an aging box I’d received for free from a former co-worker. It’s a great box, plenty of power and storage, but one of the hard drives are a little loud and whining. When we’re watching something on TV, or something we’ve recorded, you really can’t hear it, which is fine. But if we have people over, and the TV is off or muted, you start to hear it. Because of this, I decided to move it downstairs. After doing a bit of research online, I found a wallplate that uses the Red/White RCA audio plugs, along with an S-Video plug. This was perfect for my setup, so I bought the wallplate. I also found cabling _really_ cheap. I got 50ft of the RCA audio, and 50ft of S-Video for about $17 shipped to the house. Hooked it up last night, and everything looks really sharp. The wires are clean, the install looks professional. I was happy with it. Now, I just need to find a 25-50ft extension for the serial cable (remote control). Off to Google.

UPDATE: Here we go.  Found the serial cables here.

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