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This is most likely the first post of many on the subject of Oracle Portal and the use of Open Source for writing applications to integrate with the Portal. Right now, I’m using the WSRP4J, Pluto, Hibernate, Tomcat stack for managing Portlets within the Oracle Portal. An Oracle DB is used on the backend for managing Portlet registrations, service registrations etc. These links are used by WSRP4J to recognize requests for portlet content from the Oracle portal. First issue encountered with using this stack. The column sizes generated for the ‘REGISTRATION’ table, are too small for the data Oracle uses. First, make sure the data type for the RECTXT and REGDATA columns stays ‘RAW’. I expanded the column sizes to 1000 & 2000 respectively.  Binary data is stored in the columns, so they must be in the ‘RAW’ data type, otherwise, you may get exceptions from hibernate regarding ‘invalid stream header’

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