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As a Java developer I like it when I find useful libraries that both simplify my life and my code.  I was recently tasked with integrating Lotus Notes (Calendar / Inbox) with a portal.  I knew IBM had released some sort of API for Notes using Java, but from what I initially read, nothing easy.  I stumbled upon Domingo, a SourceForge project, and started playing with it.  I saw potential.

I was able to do some basic stuff, pull messages, view (some) calendar entries, etc.  It didn’t feel too solid though.  The Inbox handling was a little flaky, and the Calendar handling was crash-laden.  So, the open-source part of me kicked in, and I grabbed a copy of the code from CVS, and started poking around.  I submitted a few patches, and gained developer access to part of the repository.  After a few weeks, it’s to the point where Calendar handling won’t kill the DIIOP task running on the Domino server, and you can read the calendar entries without problems.  I’d say it’s rather stable and robust, but far from finished.

My request to the web is, test it out.  Play with the library against your Domino installation.  Read your Inbox, your calendar, etc.  Submit Bugs, submit Feature requests.  Consider this a call to arms for all Java/Notes developers.  Domingo makes Notes integration easier, but if we don’t have people using it, it won’t achieve it’s full potential.

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