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I don’t hit the social networks as much as some might, but I do login once in a while to check in on people. Plus, sometimes people write you a message, and the network will only notify you that you have a message, not telling you the content. But, I guess they want to pull you to the site as often as they can.

Anyways, I logged in today to check said messages, and found that Facebook has an opinion on my marriage. Now, I find my wife to be “the best”, yet Facebook thinks otherwise. Clearly, I’m listed as married, but Facebook believes I can do better…

Facebook with dating service ad, with me listed as married.

2 Responses to “Is Facebook Immoral?”

  1. Jake Says:

    Interesting. The only observation I’ll offer is that when you look at your own profile, I believe you’re seeing the same thing others look at when they see your profile. So you could argue (as Facebook likely would) that they are targeting others viewing your profile (whose relationships status they do not know) rather than targeting you specifically (whose relationship status they do know).

    Regardless, I certainly do see the irony.

  2. Joe Says:

    Facebook allows libelous groups and posts. Their intial response to complaints of such groups is that it is not their responsibility. I find that grossly ignorant and immoral.
    Myspace revently banned 90,000 suspected paedophiles off it’s database. Facebook however, have not, claiming they are currently dealing with the matter and coopertaing with the authorities. That is also a lie since they are not fully cooperative. Facebook has 175 registered users (not taking into account the amount of fake profiles)
    They also do very little to protect young users, even though they try to brandish their privacy certificate.
    Mark Suckerberg clearly cares more about the number of hits his site gains daily rather than putting the safety of his community first.
    Holding onto records for the sole purpose of selling to marketing goups is another outrage, even when you attempt to delete your account (which never happens and ramins on the database)
    But if people wish to use facebook on a frequent basis and your privacy is breached, you only have one person to blame, yourself.

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