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Small update on the soundcard wishes post: bought a new Logitech USB headset, and all is well. Within Skype you can configure which audio devices to use for which action. Specifically, audio in (during a call), audio out (headset mic to hear me), and ringing device, which I can direct to the main speaker set, thus, the headset is not required to hear an incoming call. Very handy.

My one thing to still configure is the amount of time to wait until forwarding the call to my cell phone. The forwarded call costs the regular rate ($0.02/minute I think), so its not horrible, but still. If I don’t grab the headset soon enough and answer the call, it forwards to the cell phone. Need to up the amount of time.

Anyway, end result, I can do what I wanted with the new headset, so, fantastic!

(Posted via the Blackberry, so please excuse any grammar errors)

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