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Over the last few weeks I’ve had the itch to learn Python. Specifically, in the GUI context. I poked around, looking at a few of the widget sets out there, and settled on GTK. GTK is cross-platform, works on *nix, Apple, and Windows, pretty seamlessly. The integration is quite nice as well. My pet project to increase the speed at which I’m learning (as opposed to just ‘Hello World’) is a Twitter client. Most of the Twitter clients written today are for the Adobe AIR platform, which limits use to Windows & Apple.

I’ll post as I make more progress, but a couple simple screenshots should suffice for now:

Config Dialog

Main Window

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  1. Jonathan Franzone Says:

    Cool. I’ve always wanted to take a walk on the Python side of things, but just haven’t had any opportunities (or time) to do so. Lemme know if you need any beta testers! :)

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