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Made a couple small feature updates to my Twitter client. Added in a tabbed interface to handle main updates, replies, and direct messages. Added a simple ‘About’ window (what app would be complete without one?), and the beginnings of a simple context-menu to facilitate easier replies / direct messages. Next up, posting.

A couple screenshots:

Showing Tabbed Interface

Showing Replies tab functionality

Showing initial context menu work

Good ol\' About Window

2 Responses to “DAWitter v0.1.1”

  1. Jonathan Franzone Says:

    Your screenshots are tad to large for your blog theme. :) Just FYI.

  2. dave Says:

    I know. I’m a little frustrated with WordPress, it won’t handle my uploads correctly. That, and I just need a good screenshot utility that will auto-export to specified widths. IE, take a screenshot, and scale (nicely) to a max width.

    any *nix ideas?

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