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With the recent license change at Nokia/Trolltech for Qt – I’ve grown more interested in learning proper GUI development, specifically with C++. I know there are bindings to other languages, but for simplicity of deployment, I think C++ will be easiest to test / depend on, as well as protect in the event that I create something of actual value.

So, outside of the context of Qt, specifically, what are the best practices for organizing C++ projects? I’m used to packages in Java for code organization, do people follow similar suit with C++? In looking at a large project like KDE, it seems that for the bulk of utilities / applications, the code is organized in a single directory, not necessarily split out (as might be the case with a Java project).

Are namespaces worth it? At what size of a project would they add value.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Cool, C++.

    Now, one more housekeeping thing. Can you turn off the “synopsis” on your blog post so that I can read the entire thing without having to click through to your site? : )

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