I’m evaluating a DataGrid for use in a project which is using the Zend Framework, and I came across the ZFDataGrid project.  Fantastic work, and the grid works wonderfully.  It enables you to filter your data and export it in various formats (PDF, Doc, Docx, OpenOffice, etc).  The sample on the site works exactly like […]


In my previous post, I used a key style that is open to debate and has been for many years amongst DB folks. The idea of every table having a surrogate key, regardless of the purpose of the table. This says, that for any record in the table I have a single column that acts […]

MySQL provides cascading updates / deletes with the relationships, but I tend not to use them, specifically because I want to control just how far these updates and deletes cascade!  But, given a situation where I have a design similar to this: I would like to be able to remove a single Foo, without having […]

In today’s Adventures in Database Design, we’ll take a look at a relevant topic, ICD9 data. ICD9 data is the diagnosis and procedure codes used by insurance companies to categorize, well, diagnoses and procedures to be determined / performed by medical professionals. The design is simple, but very versatile, given the type of data we’re storing.