RoweWare Solutions, LLC is proud to announce its first software offering! Name-O Bingo Cards is a simple application to make creating custom bingo cards an easier task for anyone that uses them.  Launch the application, edit your word lists, hit Print, and you have fresh, hot, Bingo cards! As this is the first product, as well […]


I use KDE as my main desktop environment. Recently I was rebuilding an installation, and saw my clock was set to the 24-hour style, instead of the American style of 12-hour with AMPM. Clicking through the settings on the clock widget itself, I found no settings for getting that changed back. I always find out […]

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Note to ArchLinux users: If you decide to rebuild an installation, and of course you’re going to use yaourt for community built packages, you need to remember to install ‘base-devel’. If you don’t install ‘base-devel’ you may receive vague messages like “Unable to read PKGBUILD for “. For me, the solution was a simple ‘pacman […]