You’re likely aware that the TSA has been putting new scanning machines in airports around the country, as well as, policies for a more ‘invasive’ pat-down procedure should an ‘anomaly’ show up on the scan, or should the passenger choose to opt-out of the scan.  This post isn’t about the potential health concerns of the […]

I’ve had a problem with the local Tires Plus location (#244242) I recently visited. I took my 2005 Toyota 4Runner in for a full-set of new tires (all 4 replaced).  I was called a couple hours later, and was told by the technician that they replaced a TPMS sensor.  They did not state that it […]

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Sony has decided to disable a key feature on laptops, to enable virtualization extensions.  My laptop is one such laptop.  Using various resources available on the internet (FreeDOS, symcmos.exe, and a list of firmware codes) – I was able to enable the VT-x extensions.  Awesome. For those Googling, my laptop model is Sony Vaio VGN-FZ140N.  […]

Recently, a friend and co-worker of mine launched a side-project of his.  Gootimer is a service, which you can use to manage your time-tracking tasks.  James is an excellent developer, and very meticulous about tracking his time spent on various tasks.  It’s a quality I envy greatly, as it significantly adds to overall organization, and […]