Recently, a friend and co-worker of mine launched a side-project of his.  Gootimer is a service, which you can use to manage your time-tracking tasks.  James is an excellent developer, and very meticulous about tracking his time spent on various tasks.  It’s a quality I envy greatly, as it significantly adds to overall organization, and estimation power for later tasks.  Likewise, it answers the question “Where did last week go?!” to great detail.

Gootimer works like this:  You already use Google Calendar to manage meetings and what not, right?  RIGHT?  Well, by simply adding additional calendars for each project you’re currently tasked with, you can track your time as easily as adding a meeting.  By having the event tied to the calendar, Gootimer can aggregate your hours spent on each project, and give you a nice breakdown of where you spent your time.  Amazing, right?  There’s more!

In todays online world, privacy has become king.  We need to protect our data, and access to that data.  At the same time, we want to be able to access that data from wherever possible, whenever we need it.  Gootimer doesn’t store your data – none.  You authorize it to access your data (kindly protected by Google) and the data is used real-time.

That’s pretty neat!

Read James’ announcement here:

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