I’ve had a problem with the local Tires Plus location (#244242) I recently visited.

I took my 2005 Toyota 4Runner in for a full-set of new tires (all 4 replaced).  I was called a couple hours later, and was told by the technician that they replaced a TPMS sensor.  They did not state that it was broken prior to bringing it in, nor did they state that the technician broke it while replacing the tire.  They did state that there would be no charge to me (I assume this is an acceptance of fault).

I later picked up my vehicle, received my receipt which showed the replaced TPMS sensor, no charge.  Within 36 hours of having this work done, the TPMS system light illuminated and began flashing on the dashboard.  Upon consulting my owners manual, it stated this indicates a ‘malfunction’ of the TPMS system, not a pressure problem on the tires.  I checked pressure to validate this.

I brought the vehicle back to Tires Plus to have the light evaluated.  I was told they were booked, and to bring it back Sunday.  I did so, and was again told, they were booked, could I come back Monday.  I did.

Monday, I was told that they ran a test, and the light was signaling a problem with the spare tire sensor.  Which had NOT been worked on.  I was told that they’d have to replace it, but it wouldn’t be free since it is a sensor they didn’t work on.  They reset the indicator, and within 24 – 36 hours, it came on again.

This is extremely suspect.

a)  I was not told why they needed to replace one of the TPMS sensors.

b)  If I was given the original replacement for free, at no admitted fault of the technician, why not give me another for the spare?

c)  There was no indication of a problem prior to bringing my vehicle to Tires Plus, yet within 36 hours, a sensor dies?

What really ticks me off about the whole process, is they attempt to up-sell you at every step, yet, when it comes down to basic tire replacement (well, what I consider basic for a TIRES store), they can’t do the job 100% correct.  If they can’t replace tires correctly, why on God’s green earth would I trust them to clean my fuel system, or check my brakes?

I’ve sent a communication via the Tires Plus website.

UPDATE (11/23/2010 10:00AM): After speaking on the phone with a very defensive district manager, Tires Plus will be replacing the sensor on the spare tire.  If that does not resolve the issue, they wipe their hands clean of the situation.  He asks why I’m so distrustful, and my only response is “Because I had no issue, had tires replaced, and now have an issue”.  I do not think my reasoning is unreasonable.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE (11/24/2010 11:00AM): Spare tire sensor has been replaced and all sensors have been ‘re-learned’ to the system.  According to the service manager, all sensors were reading, saying at this point if the light comes back on, I will need to take it to the dealer as it is likely the computer.

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  1. Becky Says:

    Well said. I’m staying tuned.

  2. Jesse Says:

    Tires Plus is just a slew of crooks. I called them over the phone to ask how much it would be to get the front two rotors replaces and new brake pads on my Jeep, and the guy said it would be around $200, but to go ahead and bring it on for a courtesy check.

    After said check, he presented me with a quote of $2,300. He wanted $300 a PIECE for new rotors. I checked online, the exact same part number and manufacturer, and it was being sold, FACTORY DIRECT to the Tires Plus for $38. He said he wouldn’t take the part delivered by the factory because “he didn’t trust it”.

    There was a tiny rubber boot missing from my front axle and the store manager said that because it was missing, the entire front end of my Jeep needed replacing. This included both front axles and suspensions, and the entire brake and wheel assembly. Again, extortionate prices.

    The store manager even came back to me and said “I won’t lie to you, your rear brake pads and rotors are just fine, but I’m going to recommend you replace them”. Really?

    I expressed my anger with Tires Plus on twitter, and a customer service representative from the corporate headquarters contacted me. All he offered (after LAUGHING at me for being upset that I was being conned) was for me to go back into the Tires Plus that tried to screw me to talk to the manager. That’s it. No apology, no nothing.

    Since he was being some combative and rude, I asked to speak to his supervisor. He said he was currently driving in the pouring down rain trying to “keep his car on the road ” and that his supervisor wasn’t available, but that said supervisor would call me the next day to get this resolved. Never called me back. After I tried to reach out to get a hold of this supervisor, was met with more failures.

    Tires Plus is just a bunch of criminals. The don’t do a damn thing for customer service and their employees are extortionate.

    Never. Going. Back.

  3. Jesse Says:

    Oh, and to round it all off, I went to a competitor who allowed me to have the manufacturer deliver the rotors to them (~$76 total) and had them install them for under $100.

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