You’re likely aware that the TSA has been putting new scanning machines in airports around the country, as well as, policies for a more ‘invasive’ pat-down procedure should an ‘anomaly’ show up on the scan, or should the passenger choose to opt-out of the scan.  This post isn’t about the potential health concerns of the […]

I’ve had a problem with the local Tires Plus location (#244242) I recently visited. I took my 2005 Toyota 4Runner in for a full-set of new tires (all 4 replaced).  I was called a couple hours later, and was told by the technician that they replaced a TPMS sensor.  They did not state that it […]

Recently I encountered an issue at work.  I had recently merged some code, and someone who tested from start to finish said there was an error right off the bat.  Crap. Looking at the error, my blood began to boil: ?View Code DOSPHP Fatal error: Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1 So, […]

Peter Griffin of Family Guy used to work at the news station in Quahog, writing a piece called “What really grinds my gears”, I pay homage to that style with a “Grinds My Gears” post. Today on the radio one of the co-hosts was talking about a report from 60 Minutes about requiring restaurants in […]