For a project, we have the need to create charts dynamically from data.  In another project, we’ve used ChartDirector for this.  It has worked great there, so we pulled it into this project as well.  Now, the type of charts I was working with in particular is a stacked percentage chart, which is kind of […]


Recently, I was tasked with creating a single-sign-on solution for phpBB, where the user would login to our application, and when clicking a link to take them to a support forum, they’d already be logged in. phpBB isn’t known for having a great API with which to integrate, but the code works, and the product […]

I’m evaluating a DataGrid for use in a project which is using the Zend Framework, and I came across the ZFDataGrid project.  Fantastic work, and the grid works wonderfully.  It enables you to filter your data and export it in various formats (PDF, Doc, Docx, OpenOffice, etc).  The sample on the site works exactly like […]